We created a Virtual Reality experience to bring Impact Network’s schools to you. I Am Because of You is a 360-degree dip into the rich musical and visual landscapes of Zambia's remote Eastern Province. Janet, a ten-year-old student who dreams of being a teacher, leads us from her family’s thatched hut at dawn to school and dance practice. 

We shot the experience to communicate a sense of place and beauty in rural Zambia. Our shooting conditions were very unusual – no electricity, internet, or running water – and the entire production was powered by a solar panel on the roof of a school.  We also wanted to use VR to tell a different story about development in Africa, using the technology to create a documentary-style view rather than a brand-driven campaign. 

Check out our article in Huffington Post for a behind-the-scenes look at how we produced the experience.

how to watch

You can watch I Am Because of You on your phone, desktop, or (for the full experience) with a VR viewer.  Here are tips for watching with a cardboard viewer:

  1. Download the YouTube app on your phone
  2. Click on the video link above
  3. Press play
  4. Click on the cardboard viewer icon on the bottom of the viewing screen
  5. Rotate the phone horizontally and insert into the viewer
  6. Turn up your volume all the way or use headphones
  7. Stand up and look around!

For best quality: use wifi, and once the video appears, click the three dots at the top right of the screen, then quality, and select the highest setting.

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Directed by Ben Bernstein 
Produced by Emily Anderson
Funded by Impact Network
Director of Photography - Albert Tholen
Post-Production - Stefan Skripak
Consulting Producer - Spencer Burnham